Diary of a wimpy kid dog days cast

Diary of a wimpy kid dog days cast

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Diary of a wimpy kid dog days cast

"Diary of a WIMPY Kid Dog Days Cast" (often abbreviated as DOWDDDDDDDD) is a recurring web comic strip and comic panel about four young dogs: Buddy, Daisy, Maxine and Mr. Friskers, and the main character of the comic, the narrator and owner of the dogs, a wimpy dog named Charlie. The strip is drawn and written by comic author and artist Chris Britt, who is a dog owner himself. It began as a sketch in his college newspaper, the student newspaper The Daily Princetonian, which was titled "Diary of a WIMPY Kid Dog Days." The strip has been running for over two and a half years. The strip was published in print form in three books, one of which was published on July 6, 2010, by Andrews McMeel Publishing. It also appears in a book called "The Greatest Guide to Everything" by the same publisher, and another book called "The Ultimate Puppy Training Guide" by Andrews McMeel, as well as many other places.


Buddy, Daisy, Maxine, and Mr. Friskers are four young puppies who live on a large farm in northern Minnesota in the summer, where they spend their time eating, playing, napping, and running around. They are a happy, playful, and fun-loving pack of dogs. Their life on the farm is generally carefree, until they encounter Charlie, a timid and insecure poodle who lives in the next house. Charlie is the son of a well-known and influential dog breeder named Mr. Snuggles, who has had many litters over the years, most notably that of Charlie's mother, Miss Fuzzybutt, who is the only puppy of the four mentioned in the strip. Miss Fuzzybutt is named for Charlie's mother. The farm is owned by Charlie's grandmother, Mrs. Kowalski.

The three main characters of the strip tend to dislike Charlie very much, and Charlie, who is afraid of almost everything, tends to avoid them. However, Charlie does like their mother, a German Shepherd named Molly, a stray found by Mr. Snuggles. Mr. Snuggles is also Charlie's godfather and guardian, and is constantly working to make Charlie into a better dog. Despite Charlie's insecurities, Mr. Snuggles, along with Molly, teaches Charlie how to not be afraid of the other dogs. It is also the only time that the four dogs are able to get along with one another, aside from when they are in their human form. Charlie's fear of other dogs and unfamiliarity with the other dogs' body language leads him to develop a fear of almost everything he does not know, which results in his fear of water, the farm's dog water spigot, the mailman (the only person that can reach the dogs via postal service), and all other mail, including letters, phone calls, and packages. Although he fears water and the other dangers, he does care about his mother, grandmother, Mr. Snuggles, and Molly. As a result, Charlie tends to be more friendly towards the four main dogs when they are all in human form.

The strip does not focus on the human aspects of Charlie's life or on his education. There are some hints that Mr. Snuggles is actually Charlie's uncle, although no one has revealed this information. Charlie's mother is portrayed as being very good at her job. She often takes Charlie with her on her rounds with a group of other dogs. Mr. Snuggles is the leader of the group, and Molly always comes home late at night. Charlie seems to like the other dogs that are in the group very much. He is also always very eager to get home after his mother and the other dogs go out.

Buddy, Daisy, Maxine, and Mr. Friskers, the main characters of the comic strip, are named after the dogs that Charlie has a fear of. Buddy is the oldest of the four, Daisy is second, Maxine is third, and Mr. Friskers is fourth. All of them have some sort of human name that they also go by. Buddy is Buddy, Daisy is Daisy, Maxine is Maxine, and Mr. Friskers is Mr. Friskers. They spend a lot of time playing and napping together. Mr. Friskers, in particular, tends to be quite lazy, but is known for his good sense of humor and is one of the most popular of the four. Buddy, Daisy, and Maxine also share a special friendship, which Mr. Friskers often gets in trouble for.

The comic usually runs for four or five days a week, which is around 2 or 3 strips per day. Mr. Snuggles does not have any human form, so he is drawn using his dog form instead. His appearance changes depending on which dog form he is in. He is always depicted with brown fur. His other forms are always portrayed with red fur, although Mr. Snuggles' other human forms have different fur colors. Mr. Snuggles also tends to have a blue nose, which is the only thing that changes color in the comic. Mr. Snuggles' ears can change color depending on the mood he is in. When he is happy, they are often drawn with brown fur and are standing straight up. When he is upset, they are usually drawn with black fur and are drooping down. Mr. Snuggles' tail is also usually portrayed with black fur and can be curled up, hanging straight, or curved backwards. Mr. Snuggles' eyes are always depicted as being very black, and he usually has a big white spot in the middle of his face. Mr. Snuggles' size changes throughout the comic, depending on how big a dog he is in his human form. His biggest form is about the size of a Great Dane, and the smallest form is about the size of a Maltese.

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