How to Get Qualified for a Seizure Service Dog

How to Get Qualified for a Seizure Service Dog

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Qualifying for a seizure service dog is a simple matter of meeting the requirements for those who require aid. Typically, the person seeking a service dog will have already been diagnosed with a debilitating condition. Your doctor can help you locate an agency which supplies seizure service dogs. Once you've contacted the agency, they will walk you through the process of receiving a dog.

Step 1

Be diagnosed with a condition that causes seizures.

Step 2

Continue having break-through seizure episodes, even though you are on medication and following doctor's instructions.

Step 3

Require aid or intervention during a seizure episode.

Step 4

Consult your doctor about receiving aid from a seizure service dog. Your doctor will provide you with contact information for available service dog programs.

Step 5

Contact the service dog organization and fill out their application forms. They will help you through the process.

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