Names for Dogs With Two Different Colors on Their Face

Names for Dogs With Two Different Colors on Their Face

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You fell in love with his two-toned face from the start, but before settling on a name for your new best friend, consider all the angles. He'll respond to his new name -- hopefully -- for years to come, so try several on for size. Whatever the name, it should reflect his personality, fit in with your lifestyle and roll easily off the tongue.

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If you embrace fun, adventure and mischief, and your pooch naturally sports a mask, go for Ranger, Flash, Bandit, Zorro or Robin. Checkers is a playful handle for a spirited pup, and Candy, Cookie, Oreo or Chip are sweet choices, too. Keep it simple if you like the tried and true; you can't go wrong with Spot or Patch.


Choose a one- or two-syllable name that's easy for everyone in the family to say. Avoid names that rhyme with commands, like Moe or Clown.



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