Malteser: information on care and maintenance

Malteser: information on care and maintenance

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Small, cute, fluffy, white: No wonder that the Maltese dog is one of the most popular family dogs in Germany. But which special features actually require the care of their beautiful fur and in which posture do they feel most comfortable? Maltese dogs are perfect family dogs - Image: Shutterstock / Malota

Maltese belong to a small breed of dog originating in the central Mediterranean region. They grow up to 25 cm tall and have a soft, long and silky fur that can reach the floor. Due to their cute appearance, Maltese are often mistaken for typical lap dogs - but they are usually not.

Malteser: Appropriate husbandry

Maltese are small, but have a good dose of self-confidence. Most representatives of their race do not like to be carried around. They can also be kept in the home, but are lively, agile and need their regular and varied exercise just like other dogs. They also have no objection to occasional longer tours.

Maltese are not barkers, but watchful. One or the other barking should therefore be considered when planning the keeping in a city apartment with noisy walls. Due to their child-friendly, loyal and affectionate nature, Malteser are wonderful as family dogs that can be integrated into play, fun and common activities. In addition, they are smart and enjoy demanding jobs.

Maltese care made easy: four accessories

The Maltese is a friendly, small family dog, whose care is not particularly demanding ...

Special care for a special fur

Grooming the Maltese is demanding, because the silky fur of the cute four-legged friend has no lower skin and tends to knot easily. It should be combed carefully with a soft brush, untangled and cleaned of dirt that may get caught on walks on a daily basis.

Letting the dog shear in the dog salon is also an option to keep the little four-legged friend's hair in check. What the owner of a Maltese has to invest in care time, however, he saves on vacuuming: In contrast to other dogs, the small white dog does not get into the coat change.

Warning: In summer there is a risk of sunburn for the loyal dog with the light fur. You should therefore plan long, extensive walks on very hot days in the evenings and mornings and choose a shady route for the midday lap.

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