What is the character of the Cornish Rex?

What is the character of the Cornish Rex?

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The Cornish Rex is a friendly cat with a cuddly, affectionate, but also spirited character. If you let her move in with you, you can assume that she will never be bored. The Cornish Rex is a friendly little clown - Image: Shutterstock / Aliaksei Smalenski

It is not only its special appearance that makes the Cornish Rex something very special, but also its character. Her lively manner ensures that you always know where she is, and her strong human focus usually shows her to strangers.

The Cornish Rex: A curious whirlwind

The cat with the big ears and the curled cat fur is not shy at all. With her curiosity, she loves to explore her surroundings closely and is constantly on a tour of discovery. She likes to show how well she can jump and that she is a little acrobat. Smart and with a high willingness to learn, the friendly cat not only likes to take part in normal play units, but also when learning tricks or cat sports such as cat agility.

The cuddly, affectionate nature often shows the cat not only to its owners, but also to their visitors, so you simply have to take the charming velvet paw to your heart.

A cat with character

Overall, this velvet paw is very uncomplicated and adaptable - only in one thing does it not want and should not compromise: its attachment. She does not like to be alone at all and should be kept together with an animal partner, preferably a second cat. But she also likes to spend a lot of time with her person and is happy if they don't leave her alone so much.

Cornish Rex - the cat with curls

Does the Cornish Rex suit me?

As you can see - the Cornish Rex is a cat that you should only buy if you can spend enough time. If you work full time and other family members are not at home much during the day, your fur nose could become lonely. Not only in this case, you should keep at least two cats so that the kitty does not get bored.

Comrades of the same species are advisable for the Rex if it otherwise has a lot of human contact. The Cornish Rex suits you if you appreciate a sociable and curious velvet paw and are ready to give it the necessary employment in addition to a large portion of love. You can read more about keeping the special cat breed in the guide "Keeping the Cornish Rex: Tips".

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