Husky Blu destroys his bed and is scolded

Husky Blu destroys his bed and is scolded

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The husky in the video is called Blu and had to stay at home alone while his owner and owner went out together. How mean, the dog found and then pulled his bed in the absence of his favorite people. Now he gets scolded for it, but Blu is not aware of any guilt.

While his mum scolds him for completely destroying his bed, Husky Blu protests and sounds quite outraged. Apparently he wants to tell his "parents" that it is their own fault if they leave him alone at home and he is not allowed to go to the rendezvous.

Huskies are very intelligent and active dogs that need a job and enough activity so that they don't get bored. The four-legged friends are also said to have a certain attachment. So Husky Blu is not wrong with his protest. But that doesn't help his bed, whose upholstery is scattered all over the living room.

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