Brave Labrador puppy saved from the sea

Brave Labrador puppy saved from the sea

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The little Labrador puppy was lucky in the video! The young dog and his owners were on a ferry on the Gulf of Naples when he suddenly went overboard and fell into the water. The poor guy bravely swam through the sea until he was rescued from the water by Italian boaters from the yacht club "RYCC Savoia".

The animal-loving people dried off the sweet fur nose and cuddled with it. Then they put the little dog in a warm jacket and took him back to the mainland. At first they thought the cute guy was homeless and tried to find him a nice home. But then the miracle happened: The owners of the Labrador puppy recognized their pet, got in touch with the yacht club - and the cute dog, who by the way is called Noodles, was reunited with his family. A nice happy ending!

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