Ragdoll tomcat Timo on free paws

Ragdoll tomcat Timo on free paws

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In this video you can experience Ragdoll tomcat Timo in love. Every day the cat lady next door comes over to say "Hello!" accept.

Ragdoll tomcat Timo is a sugar lump anyway. But to see how he adores his cat friend is simply heart-loving! Every day the velvet-pawed neighbor comes to his gate. His people just need the magic words: "Timo, Chicky!" say and he knows immediately that high visitor is waiting! You can't watch Timo speed through the apartment so quickly to greet his lady-in-waiting - even if it is only through a half-opened gate gap. The fine lady also seems to enjoy the attention of the beautiful tomcat very much: she stretches smoothly in front of Timo's window and can be admired appropriately.

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