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Cute baby cats measure their strength

The five cute kittens in this video don't need a curtain anymore to have a great time. Awakened, the fleece balls roll across the floor and bellow with each other. Because each of the Scottish Fold babies wants to be master of the curtain. Who will end up with the fur nose?

While Mama Coco dozes on the tiles with her eyes half closed, her cat children have nothing but fuzz in their heads. But this slightly transparent curtain is too tempting, fluttering seductively in front of the little noses of the velvet paws. And so the five Scottish-Fold kittens with big googly eyes go on a tour of discovery, biting cheekily into the fabric, romping about and playfully chasing themselves through the thin fabric.

Mama Coco is not impressed by all of this. Let your kids measure their strength against each other and with the curtain. She uses the time out for a nap.

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