Why vaccination is so important for kittens

Why vaccination is so important for kittens

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The kittens' immune system has not yet been fully developed. That is why vaccination protection for kittens is particularly important. So that the small balls of fur can lead a healthy life right from the start, you should absolutely observe basic vaccinations. Image: Shutterstock / Ilike

In the first weeks after birth, vaccination protection for kittens is guaranteed by the antibodies of the cat mother. The kittens take them in with breast milk and are initially protected. However, this type of immunization wears off over time.

Vaccinations as important protection in puppy age

The antibodies that the kittens take from their breast milk are gradually becoming fewer and are no longer sufficient for comprehensive protection against diseases. Therefore, the immune system must be additionally supported with vaccinations. However, the maternal antibodies make immunization by vaccination difficult because they fight vaccines like pathogens. Therefore, kittens have to be vaccinated more frequently in the beginning.

In this way, a so-called booster - i.e. strengthening - of vaccination protection is achieved until the antibodies have completely disappeared from breast milk. In return, the antibodies generated by the vaccine now protect against the relevant diseases.

Vaccinate cats: you should pay attention to this

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Vaccination protection for kittens: Your kitten needs it

There are basically two vaccinations that are absolutely necessary for all cat puppies - regardless of whether they become cozy domestic tigers or active free-runners. In any case, you should protect your little ball of wool from cat cold and cat disease. Both diseases can also be transmitted without contact with other members of the same species. For example, you yourself could accidentally carry the pathogens to your apartment on your shoes. Vaccination in puppies is particularly important here.

Your kitten gets the first puck at the age of eight weeks. A refresh takes place four weeks later. From then on, repeating these vaccinations annually is enough to save your little darling from the worst. In some cases, vaccination is only required every two years. However, you should have the titer determined by the veterinarian to ensure that the immunization continues.

Which vaccinations are useful for cats?

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Which vaccinations for kittens can also be useful

If your kittens are later given clearance or are going on vacation, further vaccinations are advisable. For safety reasons, free dogs should also be vaccinated against rabies and feline leukosis. The reason for this is that cats that roam freely outside have contact with wild animals and strangers from the neighborhood - their risk of contracting leukemia is significantly increased. Rabies is considered eradicated in Germany, but it is safe to do so. Rabies vaccination is also a requirement in many countries to allow you to enter your pet there.

There is also a vaccine against Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), a dangerous inflammation of the peritoneum. Discuss with your veterinarian whether vaccination against this disease is appropriate for your cat.

When should kittens not be vaccinated?

Only healthy kittens can tolerate vaccination. If your pet is ill, it must first cure its disease before it can be protected from other diseases. You will also need to postpone vaccination if your kitten suffers from parasites, such as worms. In this case, worming has priority. Your cat will be ready for its first vaccination 14 days later.

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