Suddenly neutered: Simon's Cat has a traumatic experience

Suddenly neutered: Simon's Cat has a traumatic experience

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Snap-on and away they are the crown jewels: It is certainly not nice when a cat wakes up and is suddenly neutered. Simon's Cat needs to know that too.

In a new episode of the famous Internet hangover, Simon's Cat has a truly traumatic experience. Unsuspecting, the Stubentiger lies comfortably on the table when his owner places a transport box on it.

In it is the little colleague of Simon's Cat. But the famous velvet paw immediately notices that something is wrong with the four-legged friend. He looks dazed and stumbles to himself. But what has happened?

When the little boy shows a scar in his crotch where his crown jewels used to be, Simon's Cat knows. He was castrated. The Internet hangover can no longer do just thinking about the procedure. He fainted. Poor Simon's Cat!

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