Dog Names for Malamutes

Dog Names for Malamutes

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There are four basic guidelines to remember when you're naming your dog. The name shouldn't rhyme with a basic command, such as no, and it shouldn't be disparaging or insulting. The Alaskan malamute is a playful, friendly dog with a heroic history, giving you plenty of places to start when you're deciding on a name.

Personality Influences

When you're trying to find that perfect name for your new malamute, consider what it was that made you choose him in the first place. It might have been his outgoing personality, his inquisitive nature or his high energy level. A simple name, such as Marie or Winston harkens back to famous extroverts in history, such as Ms. Antoinette or Mr. Churchill. Winston Churchill was also a high-energy guy, appropriate for a malamute; Coco Chanel channeled her energy into becoming a fashion icon, suitable for a dog as beautiful as the malamute. You may hear your malamute sing you a little song in his signature howling voice. If it sounds like music to your ears, consider naming him after your favorite singer or crooner, such as Frank or Dean, or Ella or Cher.

Feats of Strength

The malamute was made to work, pulling sleds in the harshest conditions of the great white north. He does what few dogs -- or people -- can do, so a name reflecting his impressive physical strength would be fitting. Consider some of the sports world's great athletes, such as Jesse, Jordan, Bo, Billie, Magic, Jackie, Rocky and Tina -- for Martina. If you want to pay tribute to past malamutes who were excellent mushers, Balto, Togo and Scotty are three of the greatest, risking their lives in a quest to deliver serum needed for a diphtheria outbreak in Nome, Alaska in 1925.

Going Native

You may want to recognize the malamute's Alaskan roots and the Eskimos who used the dogs as part of daily life. The Inuit language has a variety of possibilities, giving your dog a unique moniker. Satinka is a magic dancer, Sesi is snow, Desna is boss and Miki is little -- all nice female names. Pakak gets into everything, Ulva is wolf, Kanti sings and Sanuk is fun and happiness. Other interesting native names include Zima, Teyah, Sosu and Iluq.

Back by Popular Demand

There's nothing wrong with choosing a popular name for your malamute. Cody, or Kody, is the most popular name for the breed, followed by Nikki, Angel, Kira and Max. Other well-loved names are Nanuk, Sasha, Bear, Juneau, Yukan and Dancer. PetMD notes other popular malamute names include Czar, Titan, Joker, Diesel and Dudley.

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