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Headbanging cockatoo: Snowball rocks Christmas

Headbanging cockatoo: Snowball rocks Christmas

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When the first snowballs flew outside, we remembered the snow-white cockatoo "Snowball" again. The feathered rhythm king inspires with elegant dance performance, which he interrupts with occasional headbanging. But not only rock music is in the blood - the funny cockatoo also knows where the rhythm hammer hangs for Christmas sounds.

Admittedly, Snowball's dance steps to the festive Christmas carols are not always entirely appropriate. But that's probably simply because the cockatoo actually has a completely different taste in music. He prefers to have it rocky or soulful, and he doesn't say no to the Backstreet Boys either. But no matter whether he can convince Santa with headbanging or not - this bird has rhythm in his blood, and he really deserved his applause.

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