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Microchip: This is why your dog benefits from the labeling

Microchip: This is why your dog benefits from the labeling

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Although there is no Germany-wide obligation to label dogs, inserting a microchip has certain advantages. Because they make it possible to clearly identify the animal. This can be very helpful in many situations. Inserting a microchip in the dog has many advantages - Image: Shutterstock / gorillaimages

The microchip, also called a transponder, is finally replacing the tattoo as a label for pets with an EU decision from 2011. Unlike the tattoo, which fades over the years or can be deliberately pierced if stolen, the microchip will last for a lifetime. Since it cannot be easily replaced, it is absolutely forgery-proof.

Clear evidence for mistresses and masters

This makes it clear that your four-legged friend also belongs to you. This is not only important if your darling should do something, even after theft, a transponder usually makes it possible to refer you back. This is especially important for breeders. Because the regulation applies to all of Europe, your dog can be assigned to you even if it is picked up again in another European country.

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Microchip: quick and easy to use

The tattoo as a label for dogs was not only time-consuming, but above all also associated with pain. The microchip, however, is placed under the skin with an injection needle. It only takes a few seconds and doesn't hurt your darling either. Because the chip is made of biologically neutral materials, your dog's body is not stressed. Another advantage: with the microchip, your dog can travel with you to other EU countries.

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