Are Apples Good for Puppies?

Are Apples Good for Puppies?

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The flesh of apples is safe for most puppies to eat when given in small quantities. If you ensure your puppy doesn't eat apple seeds, it’s OK to share the snack with Bella.

Pros and Cons

Apples are a good source of fiber for your puppy. The flesh is sweet, which can make it an appealing treat for your pup. Fresh apples lack preservatives which can make them a more natural choice for training.

The coating around apple seeds contains a chemical that is related to cyanide. In small amounts, it's likely not harmful, although preventing your puppy from eating whole apples can eliminate the risk. Apple stems and leaves are also potentially toxic for the same reason, and these can all lead to your puppy having difficulty breathing. Giving too many sugary snacks can also make our pets sick, and apples are full of sugar. The flesh also contains calcium and phosphorus, which can upset your puppy’s growth rate if too much is given.



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