DOGumenta: Art got on the dog

DOGumenta: Art got on the dog

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With the DOGumenta, an art exhibition dedicated to the dog opened in Frankfurt. Here not only the owner comes, but also his loyal companion at his own expense. While the visitors marvel at the animal works of art, their four-legged friends take a seat in the lounge. At the opening, one or two celebrities also gave the honor. Exhibition poster of "DOGumenta - the dog in photography" - Image: Facebook / DOGumenta

From November 7th to December 21st, dog lovers and animal lovers have the opportunity to visit the exhibition "DOGumenta - the dog in photography" in Frankfurt. As the name suggests, it's all about the Germans' second favorite pet - the dog.

"I originally thought that dog photography would be such a mundane subject," quotes curator Ewa Nowik from the "Frankfurter Rundschau". On the other hand, we dog lovers always knew that the four-legged friends deserved their own exhibition More or less well-known celebrities: At the opening of the DOGumenta, for example, singer Dunja Reiter gave the honor, TV presenter Holger Weinert and Princess Maja von Hohenzollern even appear as patrons of the hairy exhibition However, the four-legged friends are expressly welcome: To relax, they can take a seat on "Finest Interiors for Dogs and Dog Lovers", which one of the exhibitors sells here.

Herrchen can now look forward to the works of art of a total of 14 photographers. Dogs are shown in exciting, bizarre, cute or heart-wrenching situations. An absolute eye-catcher are the underwater pictures by Seth Casteel, one of which also serves as an announcement photo. Maybe you just always wanted to see the world from a dog's perspective? Then off to the DOGumenta in Frankfurt! Admission is free.

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