Why do cats stare at people?

Why do cats stare at people?

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When cats stare at people's eyes, the reactions are diverse. What one finds exciting and attentive gives the other a rather uncomfortable feeling. A range of moods at the recipient of the glances, which corresponds to the intentions of the velvet paws. Because when the kitty looks in the eyes of the biped, it has different meanings. Look me in the eye, little one ... - Shutterstock / nrqemi

Cats like to stare into other people's eyes. Since they have a cornea that does not have to be moistened with the blink of an eye as in humans, they are particularly good at it. But what exactly does the Stubentiger want to tell us? Is it true that the cat perceives staring back and the inclined biped should avoid such looks? Rather less, as our first explanation shows.

Staring out of interest and attention

First of all, staring at your cat is a sign of undivided attention. If your Maunz does not make itself small and does not put your ears to it, there is no fear or aggression involved with the recipient of her gaze. If it is you as a cat owner who catches this look of your favorite, it is much more likely that your cat "stalks" you. After all, you are no less than the center of the four-legged friend's universe. Of course, at this point you can look forward to subliminal messages from your velvet paw. The frequent statement: "You have something to eat for me, don't you?"

Why cats ignore their people

Dogs (in most cases) listen to their owners when called. Ignore cats ...

Staring as a threat and precursor to a conflict

If cats have a strained relationship with other species, they use the staring to clarify the matter before further escalation. They fix themselves, threaten themselves and let each other know: I'm the boss here. Sometimes a tense back and a beating tail are added to the body language. The conflict is decided as soon as someone gives up and looks away.

In other cases, a collision can occur, which is carried out with sharp claws. With regard to humans, this rigid behavior explains a contradiction: Especially those visitors to a cat household who absolutely want to avoid the house tiger receive a lot of "undivided attention". People who like cats, on the other hand, tend to look the fur noses more in the eyes. As a result, the velvet paw often feels bothered and reacts with staring.

Staring with blinking sympathy

If all the rest of your body language stares and relaxes is combined with a blink, your cat is in a particularly good mood towards you. Called the "smile of cats" in cat research, it is a gesture of trust. She says: I do not need to constantly scan my surroundings for dangers with my eyes open and attentive, I can also jingle my eyes quite relaxed. You are welcome to return this gesture: If you blink back slowly, your companion will find it a positive reaction. Sometimes the "smile" of the cat can also be provoked by such a wink of the person, try it out.


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