Can i wash my dog with dove soap

Can i wash my dog with dove soap

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Can i wash my dog with dove soap

Couple of days ago i saw a post on facebook about washing your dog in apple cider vinegar. I decided to try it out on our new puppy. I have no idea what apple cider vinegar is suppose to do to a dog or cat but i don't mind giving it a shot. I have a dog and a cat and I am always on the lookout for new ideas to make our animals life a little easier. I was wondering what you think about this washing method? I tried it on my new puppy and i will be sharing the outcome of this new experiment on Facebook soon enough.


We wash our dogs in Dawn Liquid Dish Soap. We love Dawn because it's gentle, it gets the job done, and it smells wonderful. We wash our pups as often as we wash ourselves. It's a big deal to us to try to make our dogs as clean as we are, but if we wash them so much we need to make sure we have everything else done to them as well.

We always shower our dogs (we have 2 pups and a big baby dog) first and then I hand wash them after, and when I have time I wash the rest of the family. I'm not super fussy on how I do it, but I just don't want to be grossed out.

I did the ACV on my 4-legged baby once. He is still my little baby and I love him, but it was not a good idea. He took a bath in it a few hours later and it made him look dirty. He peed brown later that day and I don't think that has ever happened before. I'll have to try it agn when he is older and I'm sure I won't mess up this time.

Washing your dog should be done with a "washable" soap. The only ones I've found that I think are safe are Lush "Kosher Laundry Detergent" and "Oatmeal and Honey" soap. I also use baby shampoo if I want to be really sure. Once you get a pup in the habit of washing themselves, they won't care if you just rinse. I use the washable on us and then baby shampoo in the shower. It dries right out and my shower is cleaner anyway.

I wash all my pups in our bath tub. It's a quick and easy way. Then I dry them out by just rinsing them off (just running water). Once they're dry I use a towel to blow them. I've never gotten any kind of skin reaction or anything weird or even smell weird from using the ACV in this way. Also, I wash all of my pups' bedding and toys right away after the wash. When they get dirty agn I rinse them and change the bedding.

In my shower we don't have a tub, but we have a shower and a bathtub with a step-up in it. So I wash him in the tub with the tub step-up, then I hand wash him (just clean water) and rinse. Then I dry him with the shower nozzle on the floor of the shower (and make sure to turn it to dry).

Another way to wash the pups is to wash them in a sink. Turn the sink completely counter-clockwise so that the water is coming from above. I usually wash him with a washable soap and a paper towel. Then I rinse him with a wet paper towel (just rinsed clean water). Once they're all dry, I turn the water back clockwise and then blow dry him with the nozzle. Then I blow dry his bedding.

Once he gets big I'll use the shower method, and I'll probably switch to using a baby shampoo instead of baby soap.

How did your boy clean his face?

My boys use a washable wet wipe and dry him off with a soft towel. He uses a washable wet wipe on his face. I use a washable wet wipe and dry him off with a towel. The wipes and towel both get washed with a gentle detergent.

I'm going to say it, I've just been cleaning a lot of dogs with a baby shampoo. I'd recommend the dry shampoo method of cleaning a doggie first, then a wet down with a warm, damp washcloth to get him ready for the shower. I have a hand-me-down dry shampoo brush that gets used for multiple dogs. They love it and it's really easy to use. I just dampen it with warm water and then brush the shampoo through their coats.



"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?" - Dr. Seuss

I have a puppy, and she is the perfect clean dog. I wash her twice dly in the tub (before breakfast, and before bedtime), she has a soft towel, and I wash her in a large tub in about the equivalent of two cups of water for about 15 minutes. She has a super soft brush that gets put away and put back out every couple of days. She does have an occasional accident, but we've never had a clumping problem that I know of. I don't want to wash her wet, and I don't want to use the dry shampoos because I've always seen it as a crummy product and don't want to risk it. I have a good solution if someone has experience with a doggie going through growth spurts and doesn't want to brush his hr. I put her in the shampoo with her eyes closed and she sits through it, and her coat is soft to the touch, even her nose. It's the safest on her and I've never gotten any product into her eyes.

For a doggie that is hard to wash, you could try adding some baby powder or baking soda to the bath water (detergent to water) and adding a bit to a damp towel. As you wash her out, add more baby powder. After a couple of times, that powder will begin to soften the coat. If you are going through this with many dogs, it will make their coats softer. In the spring, it also could help stop your dog from shedding. It worked for my little dog with a dry, scratchy coat, when she used to get a lot of it.

I would definitely avoid using those shampoos with any of your dogs! In fact, the first time I ever got a dog and had to wash her hr, I actually found a shampoo that was meant to be used with a shaggy dog. They made a big deal about how shaggy dogs don't need a shampoo that will dry their coat out. I ended up using one of their shampoos because they had no scent and they didn't dry my dog out. I'm assuming your doggie is not shaggy? I wouldn't give her something that may dry her coat out!

We've never had a clumping problem with our doggies either. I guess they take after their Mom, who also hasn't had a clumping problem. In the summer

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