Cat arched back walking sideways

Cat arched back walking sideways

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Cat arched back walking sideways towards the door, I got lucky as my foot caught in one of the legs that was out to grab me, I didn’t even see it and fell back into the door. “Shit!” The guy in the door shouted at me as I fell on my face in a puddle of mud, that was not normal wetness. “You fucking bitch!” he kept shouting before grabbing my shirt and threw me hard to the ground. He then put the door to the outside open, all I could do was to hold my nose as the smell of vomit hit me and tried to move away as much as possible.

“You are a fucking dead bitch!” He continued his rant at me as I got up in a hurry and started to move.

I could hear the sound of a truck as it passed by the road in the village, I guessed it was the one that brought my family and the others down here to the village and I guessed I’d be dead now if it wasn’t for it. I had to stay calm, I had to think if there was any possible way to escape without dying and even if that was possible I had no idea what I could do to fix the problem. I started to move away from the guy that had called me bitch, he was now a few meters away from me, he was drunk, he couldn’t control his actions and didn’t seem to be aware of his actions. The guy next to me started to walk in my direction and I ran towards him. I knew that it was a risk to move so close, but I needed to get out of here as soon as possible. I managed to get a few meters from the guy as he didn’t see me when I slipped from behind him and got a hold of his back and pushed him down in the mud.

“What the fuck!” He yelled, I ignored him and then I pushed him agn. “What are you doing?!” He yelled agn, “Help me!” I thought, I need to make him fall into the water, I’d be able to stay calm then, but I don’t know how I could push him that far. “Help!” He screamed agn, so I decided to try something different. I stepped on his throat and his face sank into the mud. I stepped on his neck until he stopped moving and I could start to walk away agn. “My brother’s in danger!” He yelled at me but his voice was weak. I was going to walk further away and then come back to him, I would find a way to kill him.

When I was some meters away from him I took a piece of straw and started to stab him in the neck. I knew that he wouldn’t be able to scream any more as the windpipe was blocked by the piece of straw. His body started to relax and his face went completely white. I wted for him to be dead but when I saw that he was still breathing I decided that I didn’t have enough time to finish him off, I just wanted to avoid the problem. I moved towards the shore as I was afrd that the other man might try and attack me agn.

I found myself at the beach and I decided to make my way to the man I’d pushed into the water. I took the piece of straw out of his throat as he continued to breathe. I pulled him further onto land but he only started to moan, so I just started to pull at his body. I dragged him to a point where there was a path between the bushes and I let him lie there. He wouldn’t get away now. “Don’t kill me!” He begged. “Please!”

“I’ll give you anything. I just want to survive.” he yelled out. I just wanted to get away from this man so I went back to the path that I had just come from. I walked towards the path and he tried to get up from his position on the ground. “I’ll leave you alone, I swear! Please, I just want to get away.”

I was about to walk away but I then saw a bicycle lying on the grass. “Hey!” I yelled out, “If you want a bicycle then you will get a bicycle!”

I walked over to him and I picked the bicycle up. I got on and I drove away at a fast pace towards the nearest village, so that nobody could follow us. I knew I could do nothing to him from my present position, but I could try to get help.

I had just started to bike when I heard a car. I had thought that if anybody could hear it, that it would get help faster than if they were biking. But no, there was a car. I stopped the bike to find out where it was coming from. I heard a man’s voice. “Stop!” He yelled out. I got off the bike and I walked over to the driver’s window. “I’m hurt. Please. I just want to get away.” The man I saw was in his late fifties. “Get away?” He asked. “From what?” He asked agn. I pointed to a black car that was sitting at the side of the road. “The black car. It’s a friend of mine” I sd.

“Get in, he sd and he drove us away. He would know what to do.”

The car driver was a woman. I wondered what she was doing on that road at that time of the night. In the city, most places that are not open during the night are closed during the weekends. “Are you sure that it’s a friend of yours?” She asked. “Oh yes. I mean we met on the street yesterday and he helped me out.”

I started to tell the story of my trip when I first met him.

She was very attentive. I had not expected that a woman would be so involved with what I had just sd. “You’re not hurt, are you?” she asked. “Not really.” “How do you know the man in the black car?” She asked. “He’s a friend of mine. I mean. He’s my friend. He’s just here to take me to the city.”

“But you sd that he was on the street when you met,” she sd. “Yes. We were on the street. That was why I was asking about your arm.” “He is my lover. He’s my boyfriend. He’s not your friend.” She sd. “Oh.” I replied.

She was a quiet woman. She was observant and she asked a lot of questions.

“He’s on his way to a friend’s house. I was his driver. He doesn’t know that I’m not his girlfriend.”

I would have sd something more but she was watching me. She seemed to have an idea of what was going on.

He called me while we were on the way to the city. I was expecting the usual questions that he would ask about my trip

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