Are olives okay for dogs

Are olives okay for dogs

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Are olives okay for dogs?

I think they would be okay for dogs, especially as a healthy person. However, when you're not a healthy person you should definitely talk to your vet about it.

They are okay.

What does a vet have to do with the olives? My dog doesn't have that problem, and she's been on the olives for about a year now.

They just eat the skin, then the skin dries up and forms a shell around the olive.

How does that work? I mean, she has an olive stuck in her butt, I'm wondering how that will work out.

I think she just eats it and then burps.

There was a guy on our block that had a dog like that. The dog was just getting a hold of that thing, and his mother freaked out and pulled it out.

What? The dog wouldn't have an issue with it, the person would.

No, it was the mother.

So it was this man's dog that had the problem?

Yea. It was an issue because the dog had a problem with getting the thing out of its butt, but the olives were fine.

I like olives but I would never give them to my dogs. They would just try to eat them if I did. You should just give them the olives.

Yes they would try to eat them. Some dogs try to eat everything that they can get their paws on.

They're not supposed to have them on the beach and stuff. They eat them, and if they get something stuck in their butt, they can't pull it out.

Well they get it out eventually. They just take a little bit longer to do it than it's normal for a dog.

Olives aren't poisonous to dogs. Olives have really small seeds, so they should be fine.

What about if they get poisoned or something?

Not too sure. I've had it before but I think I just gave them one olive or two and made sure to clean out their butt. But I don't know for sure. I really don't know anything about the olives.

I was just curious what you're doing with them.

That's it. I guess you're not supposed to give them to dogs if they're on the beach or in the park or whatever.

I don't know the rules of the park.

I'm not sure but I don't think there's anything poisonous about the olives.

If you got something stuck in your butt and they pull it out, then it was their fault. You shouldn't be blaming the dog.

I wouldn't be like that but I've been known to be a little bit like that. You don't know what's inside your butt. You don't know what your dog is doing.

Maybe you could ask the dog. I'm not going to call them an asshole if they think they're pulling out something that you put in their butt. They might just be trying to be a hero and save your life. Maybe you shouldn't be so hard on the dog.

If they're having a little trouble, then you just keep moving them until they get it.

Do you think a dog might be a little bit like a jack-in-the-box?

They might not be all that smart. They just look like they are. I don't know, maybe you could ask them. Ask if they want to go back in and say, "Thanks for pulling that out," or something.

If the dog doesn't want to pull it out, then it's okay.

Well they get it out eventually. They just take a little bit longer to do it than it's normal for a dog. If you want to call them an asshole, you have to wt until they do the right thing.

The dog might be embarrassed because they do something that isn't right. It might make them feel bad. You have to let them know that what they did was wrong. The dog might not remember it. They don't think about things that are done to them. They just do it.

You can't hold it agnst the dog.

I would say that you do whatever you have to. I don't know what you can do about it. If I just put my hand there and I pull out my fingers, then I put my fingers back, then I push back in. They just kind of look at you.

A dog's not going to look at you and say, "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't know what I was doing." They just do it and they're done. If you're being that way, I can't blame them.

You'll think, "I don't want to be around that dog."

That's your issue.

# Chapter Six:

## The New Dog: The Dog Who Makes Everyone Happy

You're in public and you see a really big dog. They have a really huge face and a really big tl. That's probably a Chihuahua, I'm sure. That dog is big.

You're walking down the street with your dog. You go past the dog, and they keep looking at you. You keep looking back. You feel like the dog needs to do something. You feel like the dog needs to go up and say something. You think, "That's a good idea. They could at least say, 'Hi.' Maybe they don't want to say 'Hi.' I don't want to say 'Hi.' I can't get mad at them for saying 'Hi.' "

You feel like they're keeping you in the dog house. You feel like you've been in the dog house all your life.

But wt a minute.

We're on this earth for five minutes. The dog is on this earth for twenty-five minutes. So who gets to judge them? What's the point of making them do something that they don't want to do? That's not going to solve your problem.

Then agn, if you're just walking in the city and somebody just walks up and says, "Hey," I'm like, "What are you doing?"

"You just sd, 'Hey,' so I'm doing, 'Hey,' to you."

Then the other person turns around and does the same thing.

Well, now they're together.

You just have to make them work this out between them. You don't have to do anything. You're making them say, "Hi."

## What's Different about the New You?

What's different about the new you? It's this: You're being real.

You're actually doing what you should do.

I know you're not like this always, but you need to start thinking in these terms. The people around you have to start thinking in these terms too.

For instance, I met this woman recently, and she's been through a lot in her life. She's a mom. She's a grandmother. She's the CEO of a company. She's just all these things. She's a very important person in our lives, but she says a lot of negative things to her husband and to her children. She goes through periods of really being, like, mean, but then she'll make up with them. Then she's nice to them agn for a little while, then she's mean.

She knows this. She knows she's going through this. But she doesn't know what to do

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