6 axle dog trler for sale

6 axle dog trler for sale

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6 axle dog trler for sale...

I have an 8 ft. 5 1/2' hitch on my 2002 F-350 F-450 and a 6 ft. 9 1/2" dog trler I have been looking at for sale. I don't have a trler hitch. I don't need the trler and I don't want to tow anything. It is in great condition with brand new tires. I bought it a few months ago when I got the truck. I have never had a dog before and the trler is what I am used to and am wanting to sell. This is a solid and reliable trler with plenty of room inside and out. It runs and stops as it should. I have just been using the trler to go trlering and have not been out to use it.

I have owned it for a few months now.

I am asking $750 or trade for a new to me 2015 JK or 2015 Tacoma 4.7 diesel with a 5 1/2' hitch and trler.

Call or text at 801-871-2648. If anyone is interested please respond here or PM me.


I want a 6' dog trler as well. I have looked at it. However, I will have to get a trler hitch with it. $750 for the trler and hitch is a little high. I don't think I can get a JK diesel for 750. They have been selling for that much on CL for a while now.

Thanks for looking, but after considering getting the hitch in, I decided agnst it. The hitch is a real pn to get into and out of. I am thinking about the GMC Jimmy. It has good reviews and looks better than the Tacoma. Any advice?

Yes, but it depends on where you want to take it. Many of the trls are within 60-70 miles. I will be going to the Kettle Morne, Brandywine, and Waukesha Dunes this spring. Also, I will be taking it to the state trls like the North Shore, Fox River, and more. I would not recommend taking it to other people's parks.

If it were me I would go with a Jimmy because I hate putting it in and out. You sd you are not going to trler any where so that is not a big deal. That sd I would consider a truck, like a 5.3 or 6.2 diesel. They seem to handle the rough stuff a little better. As far as the hitch go most dealers have them and it is the same part. They are easy to get into and out of. The only downside with that is not many parts are made for it and it is going to be tough to find any used parts. If I was going to buy I would get the extended cab model, so you can drive all of your gear in the back.

Thanks for the feedback. I will look at the Jimmy. I have been seeing lots of them in the yard. I am not sure what part of Wisconsin I will be taking it in. I will be taking it cross country mostly. Any other brands you like besides GMC, Ford, and Chevy? I looked at GMC's and they are too expensive. I looked at Jeeps and I am a bit iffy about how they drive. Maybe I should get the Tacoma.

We are going to have a great time and a lot of laughs. Hope to see you this summer. Oh, and I was going to leave your info but decided not to. Let me know if you are ever in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri or Wisconsin.

I think Ford might be best. GMC is too nice and would sell like hotcakes. Chevy just seems a little too pln, not sure about Ford. I know nothing about Ford.

There is a Ford dealer in the north end of our area, and it seems to have it's parts in the rear. We are also in a rural area that is really starting to see subdivisions, so I guess that will be a plus. We will be taking this thing to Florida. I guess we will have a trip, so hopefully someone will be here for a month or so to help with the load. LOL

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