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Like that doja cat lyrics

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Like that doja cat lyrics from last year: The year of the doja cat is here, yo!

If you've been living under a doja rock for the past year, you've likely heard or seen the Doja Cat song "My Doggy" that has gone viral, breaking Spotify streaming records and taking off the charts of every streaming platform across the country.

"My Doggy" started out as a viral TikTok video on October 15, but has since snowballed and taken over the internet. As of Saturday night, the Doja Cat song has been streamed nearly 400 million times. According to data provided by Spotify, it's currently the No. 2 trending song of all time. The song has also been streamed over 6 million times on YouTube alone.

So, what are the origins of the doja cat meme? Who is Doja Cat, and why has his catchy music video taken over the internet?

According to Spotify, "My Doggy" was actually the first hit of 2017, and is one of the biggest songs to date on streaming platforms, with more than 10 million plays on Spotify.

So how did "My Doggy" take over the internet?

"My Doggy" first gned traction on TikTok, the social media platform that has exploded in the last year. The viral TikTok video was created by Doja Cat, who uploaded it along with a dog emoji and the hashtag "MyDoggy."

According to Spotify, Doja Cat uploaded the song to the streaming site Oct. 15, just as the site's algorithm began promoting the track. Since then, it has been streamed more than 400 million times — a number that's likely to grow by the millions as it continues to climb the charts.

Who is Doja Cat?

Doja Cat was born John John Young on Oct. 15, 2011, according to a story from the Los Angeles Times. His parents are both actors, and he was born and rsed in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.

Young started uploading music videos to YouTube when he was just 12 years old. He began gning attention when he created the now viral YouTube video "My Homie" with fellow YouTube rapper Lil B in 2012. He also had a stint on "Ridiculousness," the Comedy Central show that featured rappers and comedy acts.

In 2016, he decided to branch off into comedy, and joined forces with his longtime friend and collaborator DJ Babble. The duo released a viral song called "The Ba$tline," which was also uploaded to the platform just as Spotify began promoting the song. The Ba$tline has more than 5 million YouTube plays.

DJ Babble and Doja Cat (Photo by YouTube)

DJ Babble and Doja Cat perform "The Ba$tline" (Photo by YouTube)

What about the music video?

In 2017, Doja Cat created another viral hit with his "My Doggy" music video. According to a Los Angeles Times story, Doja and DJ Babble began working on the song when Doja was only 14 years old.

In the video, Doja is seen dancing along to the song, while a dog and a cat accompany him. Both animals are seen eating chicken nuggets at the end of the video.

"I wanted to do something that was fun and quirky, and people are like, 'What is this?'" Doja told the Los Angeles Times. "When I was recording it, I was like, 'This might get some traction.'"

He even uploaded the video to his Instagram page just so the song would get noticed. When Spotify released the video to its site, the song quickly began climbing the charts.

Doja Cat's "My Doggy" video has garnered more than 600 million views. (Photo by YouTube)

Where can I find the song?

You can find the song on the iTunes and Spotify stores. You can also stream the song from Spotify directly. If you're using Apple Music, you can download the track through the music app.

If you're looking to listen to "My Doggy" live, you can do so on YouTube and the iHeartRadio app.

Is Doja Cat related to Drake?

In addition to Doja Cat's hit song "My Doggy," he also released a viral song called "Sour Diesel." According to Spotify, the song has been streamed more than 3.5 million times, and was uploaded on Oct. 5.

The song features an eerie, high-pitched tone that resembles the sound of a car's engine. A little more than halfway through the song, the song slows down to a haunting tone, as if someone is calling to someone.

According to Drake's Instagram, the song was released by an artist named "Bones," whose profile says he is from San Diego. However, the account has since been deleted.

The artist also uploaded a second, similar song that Drake may be referencing: "Sour Diesel." According to Spotify, the song has been streamed more than 3.5 million times.

Doja Cat (L) and Drake (R) (Photo by Instagram)

"Sour Diesel" is also a viral song from a viral song, since the track features the same voice as "My Doggy."

Why has "My Doggy" been so popular?

According to Spotify, the song is the No. 2 trending song in the world as of Saturday evening. While the popularity of the song may be due to its catchy sound, it may also be because it's about a doja cat.

Doja Cat has a loyal following on social media and in the rap world. A lot of people are speculating that the catchy song has become popular because it's something that people can relate to.

There's also a good chance that fans may be attracted to the song because of its reference to Drake, one of the

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