Can you give cats peanut butter

Can you give cats peanut butter

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Can you give cats peanut butter?

Hi everyone! I was just wondering if you could feed your cat peanut butter, like they can with chicken. I am having trouble finding a brand and the cats seem to like it. They are just finicky with it so I would like to know if you have any experience and tips to help me. Thanks!


I never did try it myself, but I was asked about it and I have seen others asking about it too. So I thought that it might be good.

It is better than cat's regular kibble, you know... you don't get that weird taste in your mouth.

I tried to find you a picture on the Internet, but I can't find one. Anyway, it tastes pretty good. I am sure that your cat will love it too. And if not, she will eat it after the first taste!



I don't know. I can't give you anything other than what I read on the Internet. But I do know that the best I have found is "Purina Cat's Recipe" (in the US). And it is really cheap. I got it at a Pet Supplies store and bought a case of it for $7. For $1 you can feed your cat a "bag" of it. They like the stuff even more than they like cat's kibble, because of the taste.

It is also available on the Internet. You can order it by paypal or with credit card.

They do love it... and it's not very expensive for a big bag. If your cat like the chicken flavor it can be mixed in with his/her regular kibble... or the whole bag of chicken stuff can be fed as a treat.

I think the cat's recipe is available on the Pet Food section on the web. I am not sure what other companies offer the same. It should be "easy to find" as all it's ingredients can be obtained at any grocery store.

I think that as long as the flavor is mild (so he won't think it is cooked, or cooked fish...) he won't object. My cat likes chicken and is still alive after eating it. He's a little bit bigger than your cat, but not that much, and he's been eating it for the last year or so without any problems, so I don't think your cat will mind too much.

"If you cannot love the whole family, love the pet" -Unknown. - "If you're afraid to ask your dog what he wants, he'll take advantage of you in a heartbeat." -Unknown.

My cat and dog:

I also don't think your cat will mind it - I do recall that there were some people who couldn't stand that when I was on pet food sites. They were usually pretty much the ones that also didn't like chicken or something else. I don't think it would be any different for your cat. I actually wouldn't worry about it.

We got a couple of cats from our local humane society and I think the first one ate some kind of dog food for a while. I can't remember exactly, but I do remember him showing his distaste quite easily and very easily. I could tell when they had the opportunity to try some kind of "normal" cat food because he went from being very happy about it to very grumpy very fast.

Another thing I do to get my cat to like it better is to get him a treat at the time of serving the food. Maybe a couple of seconds of scratching on the scratching post before serving would help too, or just a little praise when he takes his first bite. (I know my cat doesn't always like to be that happy about it...)

Another thing I think might be helpful is to make it at home first to make sure your cat doesn't get any strange ingredients or ingredients that he isn't used to. If you don't try and make a food, and just try to feed a normal commercial food to your cat, it might not work well.

My vet says that she thinks my cat will do well on "normal" canned cat food for the time being, since he is just a new addition and she isn't sure what kind of cat food he has been eating. She says that she doesn't expect him to pick up any bad habits from the food.

If you have the opportunity, it might be worth it to try a different brand of commercial cat food, just to see if he likes it better. Most cats have their favorite kinds of food, so maybe your cat prefers what you are giving him. You might have to buy some more food first, though, to try something new before you try to switch back to the old brand.

If you want to try making your own homemade food, maybe you could try a recipe or two, and see if he likes it better. Here is a cat food recipe you could use, to get you started.

My cat isn't an indoor cat, so I don't know how much control you have over the quality of his food. You might want to look up some online resources for homemade food recipes and see what they think.

Thanks again for the reply and for all the other suggestions! I have a cat that I really enjoy getting him treats and just playing with him and making him happy. I do have my own food with a little meat in it. So I don't think I will be giving him the real thing. Also, I would like to have a good amount of bones to chew on so I'm not sure

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