Cat 916 wheel loader for sale

Cat 916 wheel loader for sale

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Cat 916 wheel loader for sale in Australia.

I have a new cat 916 engine and chassis (both work perfectly) it needs some TLC so I am asking $8,500.

I am in Melbourne and would be interested in selling it locally if that is possible.

The cat is in great condition, it has a nice set of gears and everything works perfectly.

I have a couple of pics and would like to sell ASAP.

If anyone is interested please contact me.



I'm willing to pay for this one. I think it's a good price, as I think it will take at least 2 weeks to sort out the engine if you want to sell it.

I'm looking at the same engine.

Asking price is $7,000.

I might need to go to Aus, I have a mate who owns a CAT 916, he has been working on it.

I'd be happy to take a ride and go over the detls.

I'll probably be buying a second one, as it will be easy to source and not hard to fit.




I am currently a Cat 916 owner, so you can count on that I am familiar with the chassis, the gears and the engine. You will not be disappointed.

It should be pretty strghtforward, assuming that you want to remove the current engine. The only thing that will complicate it is the fuel tank, which might require some disassembly.

I pd $5,000 for it new, which is not much more than what you are asking for. I can help with detls regarding prices and potential buyers.

EDIT: Here is a good video of a guy disassembling a CAT engine.


I'm not familiar with the Cat 916, but here are some tips I'd use on any engine.

Look at the current engine: Is it even the correct one? Could it be a cheaper 913 or a newer 915? Are the gears in good condition, does the clutch wear, how much work will removing the engine from the chassis require?

Remove and dismantle the engine: Get all the tools you need. Remove the head gasket and take it off.

Clean it: I've found that some engines have dirt built up in the ports. I've also found that there's dirt and oil in the cylinders and in the cylinder heads. That stuff is very hard to get out.

Replace gaskets and clearances: You mentioned the need to clean the cylinders. I found that the crankshaft bearings need to be removed and replaced. That's a $200 part. I also found that there's quite a bit of oil in the head gasket. I replaced that, and the engine ran a lot more smoothly.

Get an oil change: Get the head back on, and fill it with oil. You could also run it for a week or two to see if it runs better than it did before.

Replace the bearings: Check for any cracks or cracks in the mn bearings. If there are, you might need to replace them, as they are expensive ($200).

Change oil: Get it changed at the dealer. If you want to know how to do that, check the manual.

Replace the seals: Take the head off, and look for any leaks around the valves. You might need to replace them, if there is too much wear.

Put it back together: Make sure the head is properly put on, and make sure that the gaskets are in place.

Replace any worn parts: If there's too much wear on the crankshaft bearings, or

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