She is like a cat in the dark

She is like a cat in the dark

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She is like a cat in the dark." "Now." "I have a plan." "Okay." "No, no, no, no." "No." "Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't." "Don't, don't." "Shit, shit." "Don't move." "Shit." "Damn." "Hello?" "Who?" "Yeah, yeah, it's Joe." "Okay." "Good, yeah." "How much do you know about this woman?" "I just know that she's out there." "I know she's dangerous." "I know that." "Is she close?" "Can I get to her before she gets to me?" "I don't know." "It's not really my case, I'm afrd." "I wouldn't have got involved, but I've got people working for me that want this woman." "Well, whatever it takes." "Whatever you need." "I think I might need a miracle." "You got one." "You've got 30 seconds." "I want you to find a pay phone." "Give me the exact location." "There's a pay phone at a gas station in the next town." "Hello?" "Hello, Joe." "Hello." "I'll do what you want." "But understand that once I leave this room..." "I will not be coming back." "I want you to go down there right now, and tell my brothers exactly where you are." "You're scared, aren't you?" "You're scared and you don't even know it." "Scared of what?" "I have a gun." "So do I." "Do you really think that you're gonna shoot me?" "Don't underestimate me." "You see, Joe, I'm not afrd of dying." "How did you find me?" "I told you, I have a plan." "I have a tracking device in my phone." "They're going to find me, Joe." "They'll find me, and when they do..." "when they do, I'm gonna call the police, tell them everything that you did." "All of it, the whole story." "And then I'm gonna make you pay." "You're hurting me." "If they find me, I'm gonna do worse than that." "You won't be able to just pay for it, Joe." "You'll have to pay for everything." "You'll have to pay for my pn and my suffering." "I'm a mother, Joe." "I'm not the one." "It's not my blood." "I'm not the one." "No." "Oh, God." "Oh, God." "Oh, God." "Who am I?" "No." "Hello." "It's Rachel." "I have a job for you." "Can you get to Los Angeles in one day?" "Today?" "I don't know, I could get a cheap flight if I leave right now." "Uh, look, I can't afford to lose any time." "I need to see him today." "If you leave right now, you could make it." "Okay." "I'll take the job." "It's the number." "He's been calling all morning." "I'll take it in my room." "I should be safe." "Oh, Rachel, can I talk to you?" "Yeah." "Uh, look, I've been thinking about the things I sd the other day." "I didn't mean them." "No, you were right." "I was being a selfish bitch." "I'm sorry." "Thanks." "You're welcome." "Look, I'll make this up to you." "How?" "Well, you know how I've been keeping in touch with the, uh, with the department?" "Uh-huh." "Well, I was thinking, um, well, why don't you work for me?" "Me?" "Why?" "Well, it'd be easy." "I could give you some money, a car, whatever you need." "I don't think I'd fit in with your work ethic." "It'd be fine." "You could still be with the department." "I mean, you could drive for me if you want." "It would be great." "I don't think that's such a good idea." "Why not?" "Well, you know, I love being around your stuff, and, I don't know, I feel like I need you around here, too." "Come on, look, if you want, I'll even set it up for you." "Look, I have plenty of time to drive the department." "You know that." "It's just I need to be alone." "No." "I mean, I need to be alone." "That is an ugly sentence." "No, no, no." "Look, I just want to be by myself." "I mean, I just, I want to be by myself, you know?" "All right, I just want to..." "I want to be alone." "I want to be alone." "You're acting like a kid." "I'm not a kid." "Okay, I am a kid, but I'm not a kid." "You know?" "I just want to be alone." "Okay." "Good night." "Thanks." "Don't ever knock on my door." "Of course." "Hey." "Hey, I didn't know you were..." "Hey." "Hi, Dad." "So, did you get a job yet?" "I'm going to the Department of Transportation next week." "Good." "Look, I have to get going, so I just, uh..." "I'll give you a call." "Oh, and, uh, good luck." "So, you know, I just thought you would have to get out of here a little earlier." "Oh, right, so I need a ride." "I need a ride." "You need a ride to where?" "You know what, I'm going to take a cab." "No, no, Dad, you're..." "Dad, let me get a cab." "No, Dad, you're drunk." "No, I'm not drunk." "I just..." "Dad, I'm going to take a cab." "Dad, no." "Dad, I'm going to take a cab." "Wt, hold on." "What, are you crazy?" "Come on, wt." "Wt, wt." "Hey, where are you going?" "Where are you going?" "You know what?" "Let's talk about it some other time." "Have a good night." "You sure you don't want to just stay here?" "No, I can't, I can't, I can't." "The truth is, I'm never going to be able to face them agn." "No, I'm going to get my old life back, all right?" "Well, if you need a ride, we can call AAA." "Hey, you know what, my father was about to die." "I couldn't give a shit what car I drove." "I'm sure your father wanted you to have a good car." "Yeah." "How about you?" "Do you have a car?" "Uh, no." "Uh, this is my grandmother's." "I'm living with her for a few months until I can find a new place." "Well, here we are." "You want to get out here?" "Uh, sure." "So what's a guy like you doing driving around with a grandmother's car?" "I didn't know who else to call." "

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