Savannah cat: tips for keeping

Savannah cat: tips for keeping

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The Savannah cat with its slim, long-legged figure is one of the most graceful cat breeds in the world. The following applies to her posture: The less wild cat blood there is, the easier it is to care for the cat appropriately. 1st place: The Savannah cat is the clear winner with a price of 6,000 to 10,000 euros - Image: Flickr / will.wade

If you want to buy a Savannah cat, you should definitely consider the temperament of the Savannah cat beforehand. A very quiet household, a small apartment or individual housing are not the right thing to make cats of this breed happy. In addition to loving owners, they need space, action, a member of the same species and secure access.

Important for keeping: How much wildcat is there in the Savannah cat?

The farther away the wild ancestors of the velvet paw are in their pedigree, the more normal their keeping conditions are. These are more difficult with a Savannah cat of generation F1. One of her parents is a domestic cat, the other a wild cat (serval). For cats of this generation there is a duty to report and - to the love of the animal - also certain, legally prescribed husbandry requirements.

Savannah cats of the first generation are very original in behavior, need a lot of exercise, have a strong hunting instinct and are much larger than their relatives in the F5 generation. These have hardly any wild cat blood in them and their posture resembles that of a normal active cat.

Savannah cat: wilderness in the blood

The Savannah cat shows at first glance that its roots are in the wild.

Species-appropriate husbandry with free access, conspecifics and healthy feed

If you want to keep a Savannah cat, you are well advised to offer her an outdoor enclosure or a secured garden. She can use her run as she likes to climb, run around, run and jump without jeopardizing her fish or small animals with her strong hunting instinct. Many Savannah cats can also be carried out with a cat harness.

Play a lot with your adventurous velvet paw and make a change. In no case should she be without a companion. Most Savannahs get along very well with dogs, but it is even better to let them live with a cat. High quality cat food with a high meat content ensures that the beautiful cat with the spotted fur stays healthy.

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