Iron man dog costume

Iron man dog costume

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Iron man dog costume

An Ironman dog costume (also known as a "Ironman outfit") is a person who dresses their dog as an Iron Man dog costume. Typically, the dog is dressed in an exoskeleton suit that gives them all the abilities of Iron Man from the comics, in order to entertain visitors and show them that dogs are capable of achieving more than is perceived by most. Many also add special abilities, such as flying or super strength.

Some enthusiasts have also begun to construct their own Ironman dog costumes for the dog, to replicate Iron Man's own outfits. For the dog, these can be seen as a source of great joy.

Ironman Dog Costume

Exoskeleton Dog Costume

For an Ironman Dog Costume to be effective, there must be an exoskeleton with the following abilities:

Full body and chest, head and neck articulation (like in the comics).

An exoskeleton with several legs (like in the comics).

An exoskeleton that the dog can control with an interface (like in the comics).

In a few cases, the dog is not a part of the exoskeleton. For example, a smaller dog may be a part of an Ironman dog costume, but the entire dog may be made of foam or wire, and an exoskeleton.

The dog must be able to breath under water, such as in a pool or bath. (No current examples exist.)

The dog must be able to swim (no current examples exist.)

For an Ironman Dog Costume to be complete, the dog must also have the following characteristics:

The dog must be a trained service dog.

They must be able to wear gloves (they are the source of Iron Man's superhuman strength).

They must be able to wear a suit. As of 2017, no known dog Ironman costume exists.

They must be able to fly (no current examples exist.)


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