What is Cat Agility?

What is Cat Agility?

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With "Cat Agility", cats master a small obstacle course that they have built or bought themselves. Cat sports can either be done at home just for fun or in real competitions - in the latter, the time and flawlessness in which an arrangement of obstacles is overcome play a role. The tunnel is one of the possible obstacles to "Cat Agility" - Image: Shutterstock / absolutimages

Similar to the agility training for the dog, "Cat Agility" is a skill training - the word "agility" means "agility" or "agility" and this is really in demand on the course from various obstacles!

Great for boredom: agility training at home

Agility is a demanding, varied and exciting activity for indoor cats. This combines activity for the head with physical exercise, so that very clever and very active cats have a lot of fun doing it. At the same time, something is done for the human-animal relationship, because after all, they spend a lot of time together and learn to work in a team.

The obstacles to cat agility training (e.g. tunnels, ladders, slaloms and obstacles) can either be made by yourself, or bought in pet stores or online. Entire obstacle sets and training books are also available there and can make getting started easier.

There are also agility competitions for velvet paws

Agility competitions, in which dogs and owners can show what they have learned, have long been the norm for dogs. There are also competitions for cats, which are usually held in connection with cat shows.

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However, since most cats have great problems with changing environments, participating in such a competition can quickly turn into stress, but the focus, of course, is that agility training for the cat is fun. Pressure to perform could take away the joy of doing it, so that a small course at home is sufficient for most cats and cat owners.


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