Why do cats stand up

Why do cats stand up

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Why do cats stand up when you pet them? Is it a gesture of love, affection or play?

By Emily Tresenow

What is the best way to pet a cat?

Petting a cat has become a common practice. People often pet cats when they are around, in public or private, during the day and at night, or sometimes on special occasions. It is not rare to see people petting a cat on the streets of the Philippines. Why are people so fond of cats? What is the best way to pet a cat?

There are two types of petting a cat: scratching and grooming. Scratching and grooming have different effects on a cat. When we scratch or comb a cat, we get closer to her. Petting cats when she is grooming can be a good opportunity to give her a good grooming, because the cat will let you touch her and groom her for a longer time.

Here is a list of the best ways to pet a cat.


Scratching is a form of play for cats. Cats play with toys, boxes and even themselves to scratch. They are always scratching. But you cannot pet cats by scratching them, they will scratch you in return. Therefore, scratching should not be your only option when petting a cat. There are other ways that you can pet a cat, such as grooming.


Grooming is another form of play for cats. They use their claws and their tongues to groom themselves. It can be as simple as washing their face, but cats also love to groom other parts of their body as well. You can pet cats by grooming them when she is in the act of grooming.

Petting a cat in a public place

We usually take the chance to pet cats in a public place. It is not common to pet cats in public because we don't want to scare them. If you want to pet cats when they are in a public place, here are a few tips.

1. If there are a lot of people in the area, take the chance to pet cats. Most of the people there won't bother you because there are too many of them to bother you.

2. If there are no people around, take the chance to pet cats. The risk of being scolded is small, because no one will complain, because they won't see you.

3. Be mindful not to get between a cat and its food, water, or litter box. Also, stay at a distance and don't get too close to a cat.

4. If there are other pets in the area, be aware of them. If your cat gets scared or feels uneasy when there are other pets in the area, it is okay to leave.

Petting cats in your home

1. When there are no cats in the home, you can pet cats by scratching the furniture in the house. This is not recommended, however, because you might make them feel uncomfortable by scratching them on the furniture.

2. Pet cats in the kitchen or on the balcony.

3. If you have a cat box on the balcony, you can pet cats in the same place where you have their boxes.

4. There is one important thing to consider: When you pet a cat, your hands should be clean. If your hands are dirty, your cat might be scared and might scratch you if she feels it necessary.

5. If there is no cat box on the balcony, you can use a plastic bag, a newspaper or even an empty plastic bag. Place this where you will place the food.

6. If your cat is eating at the time you are petting her, make sure that you take a break when you pet her.

7. Remember to be careful when you pet a cat when she is in her box.

8. When you pet a cat while she is sleeping, don't pet her if you see that she is in pain. If she does not let you touch her, do not bother her.

9. Keep a distance from cats when you pet them.

10. Do not pet a cat while she is in the litter box, you can always take a break when you pet her.

11. Pets are pets, you can pet cats and dogs at the same time, but they are not best friends.

What is a cat grooming?

Grooming is a good thing. Grooming is when a cat washes its body. Grooming also happens in our homes, but it is more about cleaning. A cat is grooming itself by licking and scrubbing itself. This is the best way to clean your cat, because cats usually like to lick the food that we have given to them.

Grooming your cat

Cats do not usually groom themselves. If you give your cat a bath or a bath, she will groom herself during that time. But, if you are not sure if your cat needs to bathe, then there are a few ways to tell whether or not your cat needs to take a bath.

1. If your cat is acting sick or it has something stuck in its fur, do not give it a bath. Take a good look at your cat's fur to see if there is something stuck or if there are any health issues.

2. If your cat has fur loss, is shivering, or is panting excessively, your cat needs to bathe.

3. If your cat doesn't want to

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