Are corgis herding dogs

Are corgis herding dogs

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Are corgis herding dogs? I don't think so. They're domesticated animals with instincts similar to wolves, but without predatory instincts. They're smart, loyal and love having a lap or resting on someone's knee. They like to run and fetch, play, wrestle, snuggle and sleep in closets, car trunks and basements. If someone wants to say their dog is herding, then what they are saying is that the dog is obedient. A corgi doesn't think about where he is going, what he is doing or where he is. He follows you without questioning.

I don't think it would be a good idea to own a dog or any other domestic animal as a guide or herder. As has been sd, they are herding dogs because they follow you without thinking. A guide or herder would be a dog or cat who has the personality to do just that. They are smart and would be loyal but they have predatory instincts, so the question I would ask is whether you think your cat would hunt and not kill you? What about your dog? It's a hard question, but I think you need to give some serious thought before you answer.

If it makes you feel any better, my husband and I just gave up our border collie to the rescue people because we could not keep him any longer. He was a wonderful dog. He is only 14 1/2 years old now, and he is still one of the best dogs I have ever had. His heart goes out to animals. I think they are sweet and affectionate, if you are willing to let them be. When he is not working in our area, he is with another woman and her husband who has two border collies. He gets up at 5 am. The other women in the family have a tendency to ignore him and not feed him for a couple of hours. His name is Bumble, and he is no longer with us.

I have to agree with your husband, my cats have hunted every cat I've ever had. When I got the first one, I was pregnant with number 2, I was at home alone, not thinking anything bad would happen. The cat caught the kitten (a baby cat) and ate it and I ended up with my 8 week old daughter and a very upset pregnant wife.

With the 2nd cat, I let her bring him in, she was very good and he played with my daughter, but then she went to the back door to be let out and when I turned around, the cat was there and killed the kitten. When I caught it, it tried to get away and it killed my kitten. I was at home with 3 kids in the front of the house, but the cat was in the back and I was in the back as well, the cat caught me and I tried to get away, but it killed my kitten. I took the little girl to the doctor and told them about my cat, but they told me to get another cat, which I did. That one was very good, until she got into the garbage can and was killed. My next cat was good until she decided she would kill the kittens, so she ate every single one of them.

To this day, my little girl and I have scars from our first kitten and we haven't adopted a cat since.

All that being sd, it's possible he really did it. What you are going through is very hard. And with a husband like that, I would be afrd too. But like I sd, I think it's a possibility.

Cats, they kill cats, all the time.

I have 3 dogs and 4 cats. All are rescues, so I really feel bad about this. One is a Siamese, one is a long hred tabby, and the third is an American Shorthr. The second one is very hyper, but sweet and always very friendly. The Siamese has been extremely good with the other two, but the tabby loves to torment and bite the other dog.

I have had him in my house for just over a year, and he is amazing. I have a cat who I rescued a few months ago from a hoarder, and he and this cat are almost best friends.

I know it will come out like cat over dog. They have the ability to kill each other. There is just one thing I think is important. A kitten is only a kitten until they are 9 weeks old, so even if you can't get him back, he is just as much a part of your family.

It is true, we never let a cat or dog inside our house. Cats usually kill kittens and dog's will occasionally kill their own. And yes, it is hard. You must live with it and that is what you need to do, move on and accept your new life and your house. You are lucky you have a family that knows how to make them love each other.

Oh and I am not a cat person either! I hate them, but I do appreciate having a cat over there. We have an indoor cat. We live in an apartment and he is outside, but they get along. I understand where you are coming from with him being too hyper.

I am sorry you feel this way.


I've never killed anyone, but I frequently get satisfaction reading the obituary notices.-Clarence Darrow

I don't think the person who did this knows about the dog, but you must try to let it go. I agree with the person who sd that they have always wondered about cats and dogs. I hate cats and would never let them live in our house. I do like dogs, but they must be very old before I would let one live in our house. I would have them in an outside enclosure, but that is also very hard to find. Dogs are very attached to their owners and they do not like to give them up. I understand your situation very well and would probably feel the same way.

I'm no cat person either. I always have to make a choice between the two and the cats always win. I get so depressed when someone takes in an animal that could have been adopted. I have a friend who gets cats out of the shelter, and each time she brings one home they take a lot of time to become a good cat. It's usually months before they truly come around and start loving the cat. I think cats should only be allowed indoors if they have a cat house, and that they are older, to give them a chance to adjust.

i have always had the feeling that cats were more aggressive animals. i can remember as a kid they would always try to kill my younger sister and i. and the cats around here get meaner when the

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