Delicate care dog food

Delicate care dog food

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Delicate care dog food may do the trick

While many of us can appreciate our dogs for what they are, most of us don’t appreciate dogs so much that we actually love them. And I’m talking about those of us that have dogs at least 2 or 3 times a day. And yet, we love them.

Why? What’s their secret?

Well, many of us tend to see ourselves as the “alpha dog”. So, we tend to look down on others – including our dogs – for not following us. Why? Well, in our case, it’s most likely we’ve had dogs since we were kids (if not a little younger), and we’ve had the “power of dominance” since day one.

So, for many of us, it becomes an ingrned habit to keep others in line. We can’t help it. But many of us aren’t very good at controlling ourselves. Most of us can probably say we can control ourselves from eating the cookie, going to the bathroom when we’re told and staying in our seat, but most of us can’t control ourselves from becoming defensive when our puppy tries to walk all over us and not listen to us.

Many of us take it to the next level when we have a dog. It’s a sign of being an “alpha dog” when we’re the one that walks into the kitchen and sits in the chr as the dog makes his way to our feet, as if he’s the boss of the house.

Most of us think it’s natural to be able to control others, so we take it to another level when we have a dog.

There are a few exceptions – dogs that can do their job and make us proud of them. They aren’t all “alpha dogs”, but we love them.

But, if we think that being the boss is something we can do, why don’t we try a little experiment and see how we feel.

For most of us, when we have a dog, we’re not being a “alpha dog”.

Our dog may even be “alpha dog” at times. But when we have a dog, for the most part, our job is to be a coach – we’re not in charge, and our dog isn’t letting us be in charge.

If you want to try this experiment, go to your bedroom, in your underwear.

Have a look in your closet – is there a robe hanging there? That’s where we put the robe on when we’re having a hard time dealing with our dog. If you don’t have one, put one there right now.

Now, take that robe and take off your clothes. And look at the floor.

You’re probably thinking something like, “What am I doing with this robe?”

Well, look in the closet and put your clothes back on.

I guarantee you, no matter who your friend or relative is – you’re not going to enjoy this. And your dog won’t enjoy it. It’s a good way to feel self-conscious, feel a bit embarrassed, and maybe even feel a little bit uncomfortable.

We’re trying to be our dogs’ boss – we’re giving them a command to walk over to us, sit down and stay.

But, guess what? We’re only doing that because we’re in our clothes.

It’s like the first time your kid comes home with a report card that says “Incomplete.” You know, you want him to do better. But the fact is, the report card means he’s not ready for you to check it. It means you can’t talk to him about it – you can’t ask him to “do better.”

It’s not that he’s never going to get it together – but you can’t tell him he’s not ready to take your next step.

Your dog is a big step for you. That’s all. Your dog is a step toward your ability to make that decision to make a real connection with your dog.

You see, you’re taking your dog to a step beyond the comfort level. And they’re not going to like it.

So, why would you put yourself in that uncomfortable position?

If we know how to manage our own pn and discomfort, we can have a better day. (And we also might go for a hike or something!) If we know how to take care of our dog, we can have a better relationship. If we know how to live on purpose and with purpose, we can live with greater joy.

If you’re serious about learning to love your dog, it’s important that you start with yourself.

If we’re comfortable in our relationships with other people, we have something to offer others. If we’re comfortable in our lives, we can help other people.

Our dog is such a big part of our lives, that if we’re comfortable and peaceful within ourselves, we can offer so much to our dogs. So why are we not making space to be at peace with ourselves first?

Start by recognizing that you’re only going to get what you put in.

If you don’t like your hr in a ponytl and you don’t like a messy room, you’re going to have to stop your constant complning and start managing those things that you have power over. You’re the only one who can set that as the place to start your effort.

Stop, breathe, and be with it. Be with what’s really there. That’s where the change begins.

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