Why does my dog stand on me

Why does my dog stand on me

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Why does my dog stand on me?

I've got a 2.5 year old Border Collie that recently started standing on me. He isn't trying to bite or claw me, but he does sit on me, even laying on top of me. I've tried giving him good treats, giving him no treats and even going as far as spraying his face with kiwi but he hasn't really changed. When he does sit on me he doesn't try to pull away, he just stays there and then looks up at me with this strange look on his face. Then he starts panting and licking his lips. My vet said that I need to keep him away from other animals, so I don't go in the house. This is really upsetting because he's had all his shots, he's healthy. He does eat and drink and seems to have a good appetite. It's not like he's super hyper, it's like he feels calm and happy when he sits on me. Any advice?

Thanks in advance,



Oct 3rd, 2009, 01:30 PM

Hi -

I was in the same boat with my border collie - he was only 7 months old. He was on "the couch", i.e. on his hind legs, with the top of his head on the couch, and his front feet straddling the couch, head up. I had to stand up, walk over to him, pet his head to get him to look at me, pick him up, walk away and then take a couple of steps and put him on the ground.

He would come to me sometimes, but for a long time it was every time I walked over to him. He's now 9 months old.

My collie has always been pretty good about laying down in the "dog bed" with me, even when I'm on the couch. He gets very sleepy if I pick him up - so laying down for me is usually all the sleep he gets, if he has the chance. He does NOT like sleeping in his crate, either.

We've been doing very short trips to walk on a leash, as that's how he was in the car when he first came to us - he would not sit down to eat or anything. So for the first year or so we were just "putting him on the ground for 1 minute and taking off the leash" - he was fine, he even learned to walk on a leash. Now we go on longer walks - 10 minutes or more. And he still comes to me for a few minutes in the car, but not for the entire length of the trip.

He doesn't like sleeping in his crate for long periods of time. He gets really stiff in there - it's been a battle to get him to get in at all. Now that we don't use the crate, he's more comfortable in there.

I've seen many owners with "problem" dogs, and it's sad. I don't think the dog knows what to do about this, either. If he sees someone else walking his dog and he hears the dog getting excited and loud - it's scary. He's gotten better at this over the years, but it was bad from the beginning.

My dogs tend to go to my ex-husbands side, and mine are now bigger. They'll usually come to me once they're about 1-1.5 years old, but they prefer to come over and have a nice snuggle. If my ex's dog goes over to them, they usually chase her away. I've had problems with this, but my ex's dog isn't in a hurry to chase, so she doesn't seem to care too much.

When I take my dog to places that I know he doesn't like, I'll ask my neighbor's dog to come along for the ride. I usually take her places that she goes to anyway, and it keeps her occupied while my dog can relax on the couch or whatever.

My first dog was a male dog. I always walked him to his owner's house, and let him go on his own to other places, when I could. I got better at watching him, and if he acted up, I'd call him and tell him to come with me. His owner's dog was about the same age as he was, so they had a great friendship. They could bark and "bump" each other all they wanted, without much consequence.

Now I've got a female dog. She isn't as outgoing as her brother was, so she'd take a long time to approach other dogs. Eventually she learned to approach them, and when she did, she'd have to be let out. She'd chase after them a bit, but she's good at turning around and running away. It usually takes her a minute or two to do so.

When she's around other dogs, she always sits down with them. Usually they don't want her to sit down right next to them, but if she puts her butt right next to them, they'll let her. She's just being friendly, like her brother used to be.

My experience has been that other dogs are just as gentle and friendly as mine, but mine is just a little less outgoing. That's why I usually ask other dogs to come with me. My dog has met up with all kinds of dogs, and she's never hurt them. When she does hurt them, they usually try to get out of her reach, but she isn't so interested in that.

Since my dog has never hurt a dog before, I'm not so worried about her now. I don't know how much she's going to hurt them before she gets more experienced. That's something we're going to have to worry about if she ever decides to start chasing them or if she ever decides to start biting them. Until then, I just have to hope that she's good with other dogs, and that the dogs aren't going to hurt her. We'll have to see how it plays out.


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