Bedtime with cute orphans

Bedtime with cute orphans

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This video is not only very moving because of the sleeping baby kittens, but also the story of the little four-legged friends: they were all saved and raised in a station for orphan kittens. These cute pictures were taken there ...

When you see the sleeping four-legged friends in this way, you have the feeling that you are really seeing the relief at their rescue. After a difficult start in life, they were cared for by animal rights activists in a loving orphanage, cared for, cared for and cared for, and finally placed in a new home.

And the best thing at the end: All the little cats that can be seen in this video created in 2013 have already found a great new home in which they can stay forever. There is slumbering and dreaming much more beautiful!

When baby cats dream ...

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