Newfoundland dog: big dog with character

Newfoundland dog: big dog with character

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As impressive as the appearance of the Newfoundland dog is - it has a very friendly and cozy character. Anyone who knows dogs of this breed knows that they won't get anything upset so quickly. The Newfoundland dog: A gentle giant - Image: Shutterstock / Waldemar Dabrowski

The Newfoundland belongs to one of the largest dog breeds in the world. He is confident, brave and very firm. No wonder he is a popular family dog ​​who feels most at ease with sensitive, knowledgeable dog owners.

The Newfoundland dog: calm character

The Newfoundland dog is well suited as a family animal because its character is so balanced that hardly anything can upset it. Reliably and comfortably, he looks forward to a loving family connection and people who treat him gently and professionally. The four-legged friend likes to be outside and enjoys breathing fresh air around his nose. But he also takes it easy outdoors and likes to trot on long walks at a leisurely pace.

Sensitive as it is, the dog cannot take any hardness at all. Its owners should therefore bring a lot of empathy for their pet and should not become impatient when the stubbornness and the sometimes somewhat phlegmatic temperament of the four-legged friend come to light.

A dog with a strong protective instinct

Usually, the Newfoundland dog is a very friendly dog ​​who is gentle with strangers. That can change if he senses danger to his people. So keep in mind that your pet has good blood to take care of them.

Newfoundland dog: Large and fluffy four-legged friends

Therefore, despite his calm temperament, he should not be underestimated and, above all, very well brought up.

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