Simon's Cat destroys Christmas tree

Simon's Cat destroys Christmas tree

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Christmas would be a good occasion for Simon's Cat to finally be a good hangover. But the cheeky kitty leaves no doubt at the festival of love that she is one of the funniest and craziest cats in the world ...

"Oh, it glitters! I have to have it!", Simon's Cat surely thinks in this short film - the super-cheeky comic tomcat is very fascinated by the Christmas tree that his owner recently decorated with balls and gifts. She quickly proves that the cheeky cat has also forgotten her manners for the feast of love and is busy diligently dismantling the decorated tree.

"Clink!", A Christmas tree ball fell to the floor. But Simon's Cat keeps digging in the tree, throwing almost all the jewelry down and finally even manages to tear all the needles off the Christmas tree. Such a crazy little kitty!

Cozy Christmas time with cats

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