Stumptown cluster portland kennel club dog show

Stumptown cluster portland kennel club dog show

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Stumptown cluster portland kennel club dog show

Stumptown cluster portland kennel club dog show

My Stumptown cluster portland kennel club dog show was a week ago, on sunday.

There were around 150 dogs. My three dogs (Samantha, Moxie, and Max) showed in 4 different classes, and I got 1st in 3 of them. Max got the 1st in his class, Moxie and Samantha got the 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

I'm proud of them!

My best dog was Samantha, with the 1st in agility. I thought that she would get the 1st in her class, and she did. Max was 2nd in obedience, and Moxie was 4th in obedience.

I'm also happy that Max's first show wasn't his first show. He was on his first show when he was just 2 1/2, in a group with much older dogs. He was a nervous wreck, but the owner was kind enough to help him, and he was a good dog from then on.

My worst dog was Samantha's 3rd dog. He was on his 1st show, and his 2nd show. He was supposed to go to the 1st, but didn't go on time, and they sd he couldn't go to the 2nd because he wasn't on time. This is the same owner who took Samantha's mom's other dog, who was a total mess in the ring, to the 2nd class, and won 1st in that class. They took him to the 1st class after he was there a little bit, and he came in 4th.

I'm proud of the way I've handled it. I wasn't worried, because the owners who came were friends. I talked to them a lot, and asked how the dog was feeling. Samantha and Max both came out of their shows with no issues.

The only issue was that they were both a little stressed out and nervous. When they were finished, Samantha's mom asked me to keep her dogs for a week so she could get home and get the house ready for when the kids got home from school. She sd she'd drive me up to my house in the morning, so I took Max back home with me, and got him ready to go back to his home on Friday morning.

That was tough, but not too bad. Max has a lot of house-trning issues, but he's working on it. He's gotten past the big peeing problem, so it's all been good. I've been taking him to the vet every week to get shots, and once a month to get de-wormed, and it's not a problem at all. It's just a little inconvenient, but they can take care of it all.

I was planning on letting Sam's mom take Max home, but they've been great about it, and since they were already here, I figured we might as well go. I got up really early on Saturday morning, so I could be ready to leave when they picked Max up. I've done this a couple times now. Max was tired and groggy, so I took him for a walk before we left, and when we got home, I took him out for another walk.

We got home about 7:30, and then we had breakfast and I got them to take pictures of me and Max. Sam's mom sd it would be best to just keep Max a while longer, so she can be with her dogs the whole time. I was hoping I'd have to take them back to the shelter the next week, but she sd she'd make sure I didn't have to do that.

That was good, because she lives in another state, and I'd have to go to a shelter in that state to drop her dogs off, and I don't know if I want to do that. It'd be so much easier to pick them up here, and take them home. I'm a little nervous that she'll say something like "if you don't take these dogs back, you can't get them next time". I don't want to have to go to the shelter every time. I don't want her to think I'm being unfr.

She asked me to keep the dogs for a week, so she'll have time to do what she needs to do to get ready to get them home. I'm going to keep them at the house, so I'll be able to get them if I need to, and there's no hassle.

I'm glad things are going so well, so far. Samantha's going to do the agility agn on Monday, and I'll take Max, since he's more tired now. I don't think he'll be able to do it, but we'll see. He's been a little sluggish, so maybe he'll do better.

I haven't worked the obedience since the Stumptown show, and it's been busy since then, but I should be able to have some time to work with Max and Moxie.

Saturday, October 8, 2014

I was on a road trip this week, going to the Stumptown cluster show in Portland, Oregon.

I got in on Wednesday evening, around 9:30 or 10, but didn't get to bed until about 4:30, because I was up reading for the next few hours. It was a long drive, so I was up early on Thursday morning, and by that time it was almost 11.

I drove strght to the Stumptown show on Thursday morning. My friend, who is a show judge, told me that Sam's mom was the one judging agility. They would have two classes that day, one that morning, and one in the afternoon. I didn't know which one, so I made sure to get there early.

The show started at 10am.

I arrived a little early, so I went to a coffee shop to get a coffee and some breakfast.

I met my friend who was judging agility, and then I talked to her mom.

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