Dog digging in crate

Dog digging in crate

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Dog digging in crate

My 7 year old dachshund has been digging in her crate. She is a little house dog, who lives mostly in her crate during the day and loves to go for walks and hikes in the country in the afternoon and evening. This past Sunday afternoon, she started digging in her crate during our walks, and we discovered she has been digging a hole about 5 inches deep and 3 feet long. It doesn't appear that she is trying to escape, just seems to be something she enjoys doing. I have been looking online to find a solution to this and I can't find anything that applies to my situation. She only digs when she is in the crate and I can't tell if this is related to something that I'm doing or if this is a dog issue. We have a crate that is 6'x8' and 2' deep. I'm trying to find any suggestions or ideas to try to help. I'm thinking of just moving the crate into the garage and using that. We live in Texas and we have a small back yard and not much room for the crate.

I'm hoping to get some help from all of you! Please advise.

If I were you, I would keep her in the crate with a towel or rug over the spot, so if she wants to dig, it will be harder to do. If you have any other pets, I'd make sure they're supervised when the dogs are in there, and I'd take it easy with the "praise" until they've been in there a bit.

Dogs are social animals, and that's part of the reason they were bred to be house dogs. I'd take it slow to help her become comfortable with the crate.

I have heard that one way of preventing digging is to keep the crate on a piece of wood and put a towel down with a few holes in it over the hole. That way if she does it, she has to dig through the towel.

You could put a rug over the area, but you need to be careful not to put anything that may cause harm.

Try leaving the door to the crate open. That way she has a way out if she gets scared or just wants to wander around.

My 2 dogs that were given to me had the habit of digging. I couldnt get them to stop. They were pretty small.

I used a simple solution. I dug out a hole in the yard. They had to do the digging. When they went outside I moved the hole over to the other side of the yard. And as I watched them, they were fine with it.

My dachshund, Tater, has a huge problem with crate digging as well. Sometimes she will just sit and go into a little trance and start digging in her crate. But I think what you are saying is good, though I can't see how putting a rug over a hole in the floor would prevent this. I know with one of my pups the first thing I did was put down some carpet, and then she went and dug the whole thing up. I had her live out of a crate for a long time, and she was so afraid of it.

I would also put a large piece of sheet plastic up over the hole.

This could be a health issue with a puppy, if she is doing this and not a way to let out her pent-up energy. She may have anxiety or maybe OCD. I'm not sure how to work this, as she is so young. I know my mom was very concerned when I was a puppy because of OCD issues, and I would go into little trances as a puppy. I'm just not sure if this is what it is.

If your dog is digging for a real purpose, then perhaps she is bored or needs a playmate. I agree with the idea of taking her out on a leash.

You can start by giving her some treats so that she associates food with crate time. It is normal for dogs to want to be near their owners, and in the morning she will be more ready to take a walk if she has had her morning walk in the company of you. Then I would be concerned that the yard is to small to allow her to exercise. If you are outside in the afternoon, then you should be walking her.

It would also be a good idea to take some time to walk her on the leash so that she learns the difference between the sidewalk and the lawn. If you don't take her on a leash when she first arrives at your home, she will probably run in and jump on your guests or bark at strangers.

I would start by just letting her out of her crate during the day and see if she wants to dig. If she digs and you find a hole, then you know it is something you can deal with. If it happens consistently, then you know that it is something she needs to be trained out of.

If she digs in the crate, you can try this. Take a piece of wood and place it in the crate. Then cover the crate with a towel. It would be difficult for her to get to it because of the towel. She will likely get bored with digging around a hole in the towel. If this works, you can start with a different towel, then a rug, and then move to putting a larger hole in the yard. You want her to learn that it is not safe to dig in the crate.

I'm not sure what the best method is to get a dog to be less anxious about the crate, but if you can make the crate less scary for her, then it will be a lot easier for her to learn that she does not need to be in there, as I'm sure you've learned by now.

I had this issue with my dog. He would dig at any kind of spot, and even just a hole in the yard was too much. I got a large plastic tarp, and laid it down over a hole. It worked. He was still able to escape if he wanted, but was prevented from going any farther.

If your dog starts digging at any place, it

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