Dogs and wine make me happy

Dogs and wine make me happy

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Dogs and wine make me happy, and I am a happy person.


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The week before we left for a five week vacation (I wrote that blog post back in September), we celebrated my husband’s birthday (it was a little belated, but we do love our belated birthdays) and we went out for dinner on a Tuesday night and then for cocktls on the patio of the hotel where we were staying that week. I have two favorite things:

I love the smell of a bakery

I love the smell of a bakery while drinking wine

And, as luck would have it, my birthday fell on Wednesday, so we went for a celebratory dessert on our last night in Boston (the night we went for drinks, we had pizza at my mom’s house) and the bakery where we had the birthday cake was having a wine tasting. We chose the “white on white” option, which included some bubbly. This wine was the bubbly.

When I first tasted it, I thought it tasted like the bubbles in some of the sparkling wines that I like. The taste reminded me of what a little girl at the grocery store had called bubbly champagne.

This one had a white grape base and had little to no taste of alcohol.

This one was a more complex tasting, and it did have a slight bitter aftertaste to it. The flavors reminded me of what an older white wine would taste like, like something that Grand Marnier used to have when I was a kid.

The one that I liked the most had the same grape base as the second wine, but I did notice that it had a lot of alcohol in it. The flavors reminded me of what a fancy wine tastes like. It had an almost fruity flavor.

They sd that it was $17 and that we would get a glass of wine with the cake, but I didn’t see it in the wine list. They also sd that we could drink as much as we wanted.

The wter told us that we could drink as much as we wanted because they would charge us by the glass. The glasses that we drank from were $5 a glass.

The wine cost about $17. The other wine was more like $18 and the white wine was probably close to $15 or $16.

We also ordered a chocolate cake that was so good.

The wter brought the bill. I told him what I wanted to spend and he sd, “No problem, we charge by the glass.”

I thought, “That sounds like a great deal!”

After all, you drink what you want and you only pay for what you drink.

I had to think for a minute, but I didn’t really want to pay $5 or more for each glass of wine that I drank.

“How much do you think that you would pay for this much wine?” I asked the wter.

He was kind enough to tell me that he would charge us $20 a glass for the wines.

I thought, “Okay, well, we’ll drink one glass a day and we’ll have the last glass on Wednesday night, which is the night of the party, when we go for cocktls on the patio.”

We could drink all the wine we wanted and then have all of the wine on our last night at the hotel.

So, I told him what I wanted to drink. We went back to the table to order, but he came back to our table and sd, “We don’t serve the white wine on Wednesdays.”

“Oh, that’s fine.” I sd. “We’ll drink the wine with the birthday cake and we’ll have the other two with our last night in Boston on the way home.”

“So, how much are we going to spend on the wine?” I asked the wter.

He told us that he had to make a note to the kitchen about the order. He sd that the kitchen charges us $10 for the wine and that the wine costs $17 for us. We’ll have to pay for the wine and the glass is included.

I was kind of disappointed, but I had known that that was going to happen.

The rest of the evening was fine. We enjoyed the food and the company. We had a wonderful time with friends and I was reminded of just how much I enjoy going out for drinks and eating.

The next day, we had the wine on the last night and we drank the rest of the wine in the hotel room. It was such a relaxing experience.

So, I was surprised when, last week, I got an eml from the owner of the hotel saying that they were going to be changing their wine policy.

I thought that it would be fun for us to celebrate my birthday, so we decided to have the last bottle of the bubbly on my birthday. I told the wter what I wanted to drink and then, the next day, I got an eml from the owner of the hotel saying that we could not have the wine that I wanted to drink on my birthday.

He sd, “We are trying to cut costs and make money. We want to make our guests happy and we know that you love the wine.”

I told him that he is welcome to send us the wine, but I wanted to have it on my birthday.

He sent the wine and he also told us that it would be a $30 fee that we had to pay for the wine and he gave us a credit of $30. He told us that this was a one-time thing and we could have the wine any time we wanted.

I told him that I was sad that we couldn’t have the wine on my birthday. He sd that he was sorry.

So, I asked him if we could still get the $30

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