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Health Problems in Tibetan Mastiffs

Hailing from China, Tibetan mastiffs have served as guard dogs since as far back as 1100 B.C. Large dogs with distinctively broad heads and deep-set eyes, Tibetan mastiffs are quite intelligent but very independent -- making them ill-suited for obedience and agility training -- and they have a reputation for being excessively protective.
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Which pet suits me? Selection tips

Animals and people Which pet suits me? Tips for the selection Would you like animal companions in everyday life? Then the next question is which pet suits you. In order to enable both you and the animal to live together as comfortably as possible, you should not resolve this question spontaneously, but carefully.
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Dogs in winter: great fun in the snow

Sweet dogs Dogs in winter: great fun in the snow Not only people want a white Christmas - the lively dogs in this video would also have absolutely nothing against it. Because they agree on one thing: They love snow and can't get enough of it! Wow, everything is so beautiful white outside!
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