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The croissant and the bird feeding station

Animal friendships The croissant and the bird feeder "Oh yummy, bird feed", the cute croissant finds in this beautifully filmed animal video and tries to climb onto the shaky feed station. What happens next does not go exactly according to his plan ... This practical feeding station was not directly hung up for the cute croissant, but you will be allowed to take a little bit, it seems to be the case.
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Ten cats are having fun with new toys

Play Ten cats have fun with new toys The cats in the video live together in a shared apartment in Japan and are best friends. In this movie they got a new toy and have a lot of fun trying it out. Just too cute to watch the kitty playing!
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How to Keep Your Dog Calm on an Airplane

Traveling by airplane can be stressful for even the most chilled pooch. He& 39;ll have to cope with lots of noise, unfamiliar handlers, confinement, changes in temperature and pressure, and separation from his owner. You can help your dog by planning your flight with his needs in mind and getting him acclimatized to his carrier.
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